Propolis 70G

Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. 

Main components:

Propolis, produced by bees from saliva, tree buds, sap flows and or other botanical sources.

Propolis is a bacterial resistant mixture of compounds harvested by honey bees used to improve structural stability to the hive. It is used to reduce vibration, prevent diseases, parasites and fungal growth from breaching the hive. It can seal entrances, increase defences or mummify foreign invaders that get stuck within the hive and cannot be carried out by bees.

Propolis is also called bee glue.


Consumption of Propolis by humans has been linked to preventing types of cancers, including blood and liver cancer. Containing as many as 300 active compounds, Propolis can be used to fight cell division and prevent the spread from one organ to another.

Dental Health

Propolis can be used as a mouth disinfect, and may be effective in the treatment of gingivitis. The bee glue limits bacterial plaque and tooth decay.

Anti-Microbial Action

The antibacterial properties of Propolis carry beyond the hive. It can be used to treat respiratory tract infections in children, as well as remedy the symptoms of the common cold.

Topical Healing

Propolis can be used on your skin to improve the healing process and may promote healing of minor burns. 

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