Mannuka Honey 16+ 500G

Manuka Honey has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years and has returned in recent years as a natural treatment for acne, acid reflux and balancing the digestive system. A spoonful of Manuka stops the growth of Strep bacteria, providing relief during throat infections.

Topical Use

Manuka Honey is also used in homemade beauty products, such as shampoo, face wash and exfoliants  for youthful looking skin.

Health Benefits 

Honey is a rich source of flavonoids and other phenolic compounds with anti-oxidant properties. Daily consumption of honey has been shown to improve:

  • anti-oxidant levels in blood
  • lipid peroxidation by free radicals
  • cholesterol damage

Try Manuka Honey and experience all the anti-bacterial, immune boosting health benefits of daily honey consumption.

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