Buckwheat Honey

Buckwheat Honey is produced by honeybees that collect and process the nectar of buckwheat flowers to create a dark, full body honey characterized by robust flavour.

Dark coloured honey has the highest concentrations of phenolic compounds. Buckwheat honey is particularly a rich source of anti-oxidants, and has been compared to other anti-oxidant-rich fruits and vegetables gram-for-gram.

BBQ recipes 

You will get unique taste and flavour applying buckwheat honey to your BBQ recipes, adding an extra sweetness to any grilled meat or sauce.

Health Benefits

Buckwheat Honey is a rich source of flavonoids and other phenolic compounds with anti-oxidant properties. Daily consumption of honey has been shown to improve:

  • anti-oxidant levels in blood
  • lipid peroxidation by free radicals
  • cholesterol damage

Acting as therapeutic antiseptic for treatment of wounds, burns and ulcers, Honey absorbs water and dries out wounds to inhibit bacterial growth. Raw, unprocessed buckwheat honey has the highest concentration of health promoting properties.

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