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Which Honey to Buy?

"Which honey to buy?" "Which honey is best?" "What's the difference between pure honey and raw honey?" "Is raw honey or organic honey more superior?' "Where can I buy quality honey?" "Is local honey better?" "Which floral varietal is the best?"These are probably the most frequently asked questions from people who have just discovered honey and want to know which bottle of honey to pick. I wish life were simple... Read more.

Beeswax Crafting

Paint Strainers: You can usually get two sizes, one or five gallons, that are designed to fit inside plastic buckets. They are great for straining honey, liquid wax, or even paint. You can find paint strainers at stores like Home Depot, or at Amazon.com. Double Boiler: Nice to have for melting wax. Don’t go for an expensive one, though. They will be pretty much useless for anything else after the... Read more.